Pencils. Inks. Digital.

Artist’s Statement

Pencils first and foremost. When inspirations takes over, the pencil is a natural extension of my mind and is pushed across the paper to narrate thoughts and emotions.

While never focused on a single theme, simply drawing what is in the moment, I am not afraid to push the envelope. As I develop my portfolio and installations, I find the door opening to more elaborate works with social, political, cultural meanings and symbolism; my thoughts, ideas and opinions translated. Every new work is an exploration into the development and refinement of my abilities while portraying the message and subject.

The works I produce encompass a variety of scenarios and subjects, inspired by visuals, aural, motivational stimuli. Exploring the portrait, the pop culture, the human form to try and capture the subject’s personality, whether it is alive or inanimate. The goal is to portray character and mood in it’s simplest, most candid moments, because that is precisely me. Even though the art portrays a subject, I am actually illustrating an extension of myself. Instead of engaging in conversation, the discussion is visualized.


Many of my inspirations in pencil and ink come from the comic book world. Magazines such as Cracked, Marvel, Heavy Metal, Playboy introduced me to illustrators like John Severin, Doug Sneyd, Pushead, Serpieri, Moebius, Milo Manara and Art Adams just to name a few. Many modern artists in the comic industry are also amazing and inspirational influences as I continuously discover and develop my own style.

All works ©1975-2015 Rob Langille, All Rights Reserved. Some characters are © and ™ their respective owners.

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