100 Things

100 things you didn’t know, or want to know about me. (Not the usual surveys that litter the internet)

1. I would kill, without question, to defend my three children.
2. I would go to jail to defend my wife, and my parents, and brother. I would most likely kill depending on the circumstances.
3. I am a professional artist.
4. Pizza is slowly becoming my favourite food. Scary. I also love fish (not shellfish though; EW! Ocean bugs!)
5. I am not religious, nor do I believe in god(s). This does not mean I am anti-religious. Religion is a part of civilization, and history.
6. I am pro-choice.
7. I am pro-capital punishment.
8. I am pro-euthanasia.
9. I am so pro, all in the name of sparing the burden of family, state, and hardships.
10. I have always collected things. Currently, my collection of choice is WWE wrestling figures. I collect many things.
11. I have learned to forgive and forget. The slate is clean in most situations. Except one.
12. I can discern and deal with many types of people and their personalities. Sometimes I do so begrudgingly.
13. I am currently at my lowest weight in 20+ years and I am eating mostly healthy.
14. I believe money makes my world go around. Right now, my world is pretty still. Buy my art.
15. I have been snipped, and I am happy with that.
16. I am proud. And usually boastful, although in a shy sorta way. Unless I know you, then I am proudly arrogant and egotistical.
17. Needles don’t frighten me. I watch them penetrate the skin without remorse.
18. I used to believe that unions have outlived their usefulness in society. Current events have proven they are needed now more than ever.
19. I am not racist, but I believe stereotypes are not always incorrect.
20. I understand how and why businesses operate the way they do. I don’t understand the moral compass of those running businesses though.
21. I do not understand how businesses can be so blind to foresight.
22. I know my children are beautiful. More beautiful than yours.
23. I believe my parents are kind, and forgiving, and tolerant. And more supportive now than ever.
24. There are days when I think a life of crime wouldn’t be so bad.
25. I sometimes wish I could become invisible to everyone. See 24.
26. Nothing offends me except for ignorance and stupidity.
27. My body hurts more often than it used to. I must be getting old. Plus I build 500+ cars a day.
28. I think people need to suck it up, and stop whining.
29. I miss my daughter.
30. I am pro-gay marriage. Who does it possibly hurt, and why does anybody else care? Mind your own business if you don’t like it.
31. I also believe that sexuality is reserved for the bedroom. No need to flaunt.
32. I am bored of professional sports.
33. I have a hard time committing.
34. I love to spend more money than I have. And ironically, I am paying for it.
35. I believe heavy metal is the world’s only honest music.
36. I listen to ANY music as long as it is good.
37. I believe the future is in doubt, not because of the future generations, but because of the past generations.
38. I have never done any illicit drugs. Nor do I plan on it. It’s a show of weakness.
39. I have never smoked a cigarette.
40. Smoking disgusts me , and I have no sympathy for people who get sick because of it.
41. I think government healthcare should force people to pay for their voluntary illnesses.
42. I think most insurance is a rip-off, and is government endorsed crime.
43. I think the media tries to be influential, and the people follow like sheep. And die like Lemmings.
44. I dislike beer. But I don’t mind a nice cold one on a hot summer day. I enjoy Scotch and Red Wine.
45. I used to be able to hold alcohol, and could pack ’em in like no one. I’m not so sure anymore.
46. I like Ed Hardy Skulls and Roses. It smells good on me too.
47. I love reptiles. They are gorgeous.
48. I hate birds. Except budgies.
49. Dinosaurs intrigue me. I wanted to be an paleontologist at some point. (Also geologist and archaeologist.)
50. I know oil producers are profiteering bastards.
51. I believe I am becoming more environmentally and socially conscientious. So are the people around me.
52. Unfortunately, I’ve seen that the next generation is not. It’s obvious. Is all for naught?
53. I believe the tide is turning on the earth. And faster than predicted.
54. I don’t think TV is that exciting anymore. That’s why I love the internet. But that’s starting to bore me. Sometimes.
55. Facebook has brought me in touch with my past that I thought I had forgotten.
56. I eat all of my vegetables.
57. Bananas feel yummy in my tummy.
58. I write. But I can never seem to get where I wanted to go when I start.
59. I want to travel around much of the world to experience other cultures. Except the Middle East and South America.
60. I feel the middle east could be wiped off of the face of the earth, and they only people that would miss it, would be the media.
61. I am guilty. Usually.
62. I hate the humidity, and allergies.
63. I love amusement rides. I wish I had time to go on all of them.
64. I really enjoyed my time with Rogers Television.
65. I really don’t want to work in a factory.
66. I need to work to support my collecting addiction. Oh yeah, and my family.
67. My wife used to work to support my hockey cards, and my kids.
68. My wife is a very giving person. I regret taking advantage of that. Albeit subconsciously.
69. If I win the lottery, I will book a dentist appointment. And then go shopping in my new car.
70. My true friends would get a piece of the pie.
71. I hate dogs, but I love huskies. They are gorgeous, and I would get one if I had the room.
72. Cats are beautiful and enjoyable. I could be a cat lady. I kinda am.
73. I am starting to get bored of celebrities and the fascination they draw. I think everyone else is too. See: The Kardashians
74. I look up to my sister-in-law.
75. I was born in 1975.
76. I am lazy. And procrastinate-y.
77. I plan on getting more tattoos. One of Ainsley, one of Hunter, and a few other tattoos that are distinctively “me”.
78. I have become charitable. Not overly so. But I believe in Karma.
79. I sometimes wonder that if I prayed to a theoretical God, that my luck would change. Then I just think of the bad things that happen to good people, and I am rest assured again.
80. My past has been a learning experience. What have I learned? Don’t do it again. And sorry.
81. I love Scotch. I would marry them if it were legal.
82. I have a warped sense of humour. I hope you are offended. If not, I will keep trying.
83. I am selfish. And selfishly aware of that fact.
84. I am proud of my hometown, but uniquely, it pisses me off.
85. If you have come this far, I am impressed. You’ll probably be one of the people that reaps a reward if I win the lottery.
86. I wish I had a million pillows.
87. I don’t feel sorry for Ashley Madison clientele.
88. I have grave concern that companies are using third world countries to make their products. This does not help the state of the economy.
89. Lack of transparency in government and business really irks me.
90. I drink because my children cry.
91. I have experienced paranormal phenomenon.
92. I believe life exists elsewhere. I, for one, would be frightened, yet intrigued to meet it.
93. I enjoy WWE.
94. I may not be smart, but I can lift heavy things.
95. My art has reinvigorated me. All I want to do is produce, produce, produce.
96. I love animals. They taste good. However, I prefer them cruelty-free.
97. I am not gay, despite what you may believe. And what my role in Four Aces (2009) may lead to suggestions otherwise.
98. I hope my kids will be better than me. And they already are showing that potential.
99. I am a deep, dark person. Do not even pretend to understand me. And do not provoke me.
100. I hope you laughed, and cried. That would make my day.