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King Kong Bundy chokes me out!


He draws, sculpts, films, paints, digitizes, writes, waxes poetic, and yells and screams. He rebels and conforms, loses and defeats, lives and dies. He is suicidal, yet thrives on existence, but most importantly, he is an artist. An artist for life. An artist of life.

His artistic influences include the likes of, but are not limited to classical artists such as Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, Pieter Brueghel (both), and modern fantasy/comic artists such as Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, Art Adams, Todd McFarlane and Jim Lee.

Rob has created numerous storyboards, conceptual designs, character sketches, costume designs, paintings and murals, sketched portraits, logos, websites, banners, posters, digital works, and so much more for film and other business!

He is also an award-winning videographer, as well as has been on camera for an award-winning feature-length film!!

Rob has also produced live television, and operated cameras for live hockey games and sporting events. Rob has filmed, acted, written, produced, directed, and edited AWARD-WINNING film and has also toyed with photography and music.

Father, husband, visionary, artisan, immasculator and vindicator. This is Rob Langille

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