Langille Adventure July 29th Update

Time to head east. 
After realizing that the ferry we needed was gonna be tight, we needed to say a quick goodbye to Paul and Nicole, our gracious hosts. 

We shot on to Nanaimo, but couldn’t find any squares (not that we needed any, the Buckeye bars Melissa sent with us were more than sufficient-yum-O) in the port gift shop. 

So we had some tasty chili dogs and such, and boarded the boat from Departure Bay to Horsehoe Bay on the mainland. 

The ride back was bittersweet but pretty. 

We were disappointed with the lack of whales and dolphins on our trip. Bad nature!
Eventually we were back on the road, jammed in that notorious Vancouver traffic. Not impressed. 

To boot, we had a daunting trek back through the mountains that we were not looking forward to (as beautiful as a vision as it is), because it’s a hard drive. 

We found ourselves crashing the night at a semi-sketchy motel, the Ponderosa Motel in Princeton, BC. I say semi-sketchy only because it was dated and a little grubby. Not a total dump, as there was a big pool and hot tub and a sushi restaurant attached. 
Plus it was a bed. Sometimes you just need a bed. 


  1. BC Ferries are too expensive. 
  2. Vancouver highway traffic sucks. 
  3. Nature is a jerk. 
  4. Sketchy motels are still better than none. 
  5. “Sometimes you just need a bed.” – Rob Langille

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